About Us

Our international recruitment firm is perhaps one of the first truly global executive search firms. Our capabilities are never limited by the location of physical offices or by the limited resources of local staff. We operate all over the world as a virtual local headhunting firm. Just as if we were in your city, we act like a local recruitment firm for our candidates and clients in your area, presenting them with choices local to them or, if needed, with other options within their province, state, nation, region, or worldwide.

CH Hunter is a full-service executive search and headhunting firm, dedicated to the construction, gas, mining, engineering and health care industries. Our reputation as one of the leading global headhunting for companies stems from our extensive industry experience and unique system.

Today, CH Hunter & Associates¬†is a firm that recruits for five continents. Our expansion came from working smartly: researching markets, industries, and business practices. Due to the massive network of our industry contacts, and to our ability to easily communicate with our clients and candidates, we act as “virtual” headhunters in every market without the need of remote offices.

When you work with CH Hunter, you will always be assigned a team of top headhunters, with all company resources put at his or her disposal for your key search. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on our understanding of the career needs of our candidates, and our goal is to find the right company for the right person.

CH Hunter¬†is fully qualified and capable of meeting all of our client’s needs to recruit English speaking/written qualified health care, construction, gas, mining and engineering professionals for your projects. We have combined 16 years of recruitment experience and are fully capable of locating the top people for your projects.

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